Bowden Extruder
September 26-29 2018

  • 1 I had read so many good things about the Bowden extruders I thought I would try one.
  • 2 I bought an e3d hot end and new all metal extruder parts with a new drive gear.
  • 3 I played with different settings for five days and could never get the filiment to feed right.
  • 4 The first half of the print would go just fine...
  • 5 By the time I got to the second half of the print the extruder would start skipping and grinding and of course the under extrusion ruiend the print.
  • 6 I would pull the filament out, trim the end, and put it back. I could push it through the hot end by hand with no problem.
  • 7 I tried everything, new tubing, hot end temp, flow rate, feed rate, new fittings, nothing worked. I finally went back to the direct drive and have had no problems since.