ATX Power Supply

Power Supply

Original Unit

PSU Label

My Parts

Dirty Inside

Years of Dirt

Still Works!

Cleand Up

Like New



More Dirt

Removing Excess

Front Layout

Labeling the Front


On/Off Switch

Wiring It All Up

Post Problem

Notch in Post

Problem Solved


Molex Connector

Post Connector

Post Connection

Shrink Wrap

Top Fan Grill

Grill Removed

New Grill

Fan & Light Wires

Shrink Wrap

Finished Wrapping

Power Resistor

Artic Alumina

Resistor Mounted


Completed Bench Unit

Power On

It Works

Top Fan Linght

Rear View

3 Volts

5 Volts

7 Volts

12 Volts

17 Volts

24 Volts