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Chris's Crazy Contraptions
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Chris's Crazy Contraptions
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After making the splice I shrunk wrapped each and then one more piece to hold it all together.

Shrink Wrap
Completed shrink wrapping.

Finished Wrapping
Next step is to solder in the resistor. Also notice the red arrow in the pic. The mounting ear of the fan had to be cut off to keep it from hitting the switch.

Power Resistor
Since this is a heat producer it needs to have some sort of heat sink to keep it from burning up. There was not room to wire it to the back so I came up with what I think is a better way. Thermal epoxy. This is a two part epoxy with thermal properties. They carry two types, Artic Silver or Artic Alumina. The difference being of course a silver or aluminum base. I found this at my local “Computer Deli” but you can also order it online at Here is a quote from their web site: Characteristics: Arctic Alumina Adhesive uses a layered composite of aluminum oxide and boron nitride. Arctic Alumina Adhesive is a pure electrical insulator, neither electrically conductive nor capacitive. A set of Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive consists of two tubes containing a total of 5 grams of adhesive (2.5 grams each of parts A and B) and a plastic reusable mixing wand. (Approximately 3cc total adhesive.) Although lighter per set than Arctic Silver Adhesive due to its use of ceramics rather than silver, each set of Arctic Alumina Adhesive contains the same amount of adhesive by volume as a set of Arctic Silver adhesive and will cover the same area. CAUTION! Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive is a permanent adhesive. Any components you attach together with Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive will stay attached forever.

Artic Alumina
Here it is all glued up and ready to close the cover.

Resistor Mounted
For the last step I added some old case feet I had laying around.

Here it is, the finished bench unit!

Completed Bench Unit
Here it is turned on.

Power On
Here it is turned on.

It Works
This is the new fan grill.

Top Fan Linght
Even looks good from the back!

Rear View
Here are voltages I recorded 3 Volts

3 Volts
Here are voltages I recorded 5 Volts

5 Volts
Here are voltages I recorded 7 Volts

7 Volts
Here are voltages I recorded 12 Volts

12 Volts
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