Drive Bay Cover

Drive Bay Cover Mod

Gathering Parts

Make it "MOD"ular!

CD Case

Trimming to Fit

Molex Spot

Finished Cut

Finishing Cut

Fits Perfect

Molex Connector

Light & Sound Jacks

Fuse Holder

Rear Connections

Original Bay Cover

Taken Apart

Labeling the Front

On the Front

Ready to Drill

Holes Drilled

Fitting the Jacks

Hole for Power Jack

Switches & Jacks Installed

Phone Charger


Taken Apart+

Small Cirsuit

Mounted to Bay Cover

Top View


Glueing Together

Clamped Up

Right Side

Left Side

Back Side

Front View

Wiring Diagram

Rear of Computer

Installed Mod

Basic Lights

Full Lighting

Looking Inside

Rear Lighting

Lighting In the Dark

Charging the Phone