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Chris's Crazy Contraptions
Drive Bay Cover

Chris's Crazy Contraptions
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I used Paint Shop Pro to do the layout for the switches and labels, then took the jpg file to Office Depot, and had it printed as a transparency.

Labeling the Front
And this is what it looks like laying on the aluminum plate.

On the Front
It was then cut to fit and sandwiched between the Plexiglas and the aluminum sheet.

Ready to Drill
With everything back together I drilled the holes for the switches and jacks.

Holes Drilled
After test fitting the switches I discovered that to get the 12v jack and headphone jack to fit I would have to modify the panel a little more. The switch holes were drilled to allow the shank to screw right into the panel. This would not work for the jacks though because the shank was too short to pass through to the front. I made the following mods to make everything fit.

Fitting the Jacks
This is the power jack hole from behind.

Hole for Power Jack
And here is the panel with switches and jacks installed.

Switches & Jacks Installed
Now that all the pre-assembly work is done it’s time to get this contraption wired and working. We need to start off doing some pre-wiring because once that box is epoxied to the back of the cover there will not be much room to solder. I decided to do the switches and jacks since they will be the least accessible. As you will see you have to think this out because after assembly some joints will difficult if not impossible to reach. Adapting the battery charger to the computer jack would be easy since the car plug supplied 12v to the charger. The cell phone on the other hand had a circuit built into the plug. This is the part we are after. Here is the charger before disassembly.

Phone Charger
As you can see in the next picture the charger itself is pretty small.

When you open it up you find that the circuit itself is even smaller.

Taken Apart+
Not much bigger than a quarter, this will fit perfectly in the corner.

Small Cirsuit
This is what it look like mounted to the back of the panel.

Mounted to Bay Cover
View from the top.

Top View
Working on the pre-wiring.

Pre-wiring done gluing the box to the panel.

Glueing Together
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