Gathering Parts
The fist step is collecting everything you need. Of course after you do this you will, according to Murphy, need something else as you progress so be ready to run back to the parts store in the middle of your build. Here are the parts I started with: Set of cold cathode florescent tubes Molex connector 1/8 stereo jacks (2) 1/8 stereo plugs (4) SPST Mini switch (2) DPDT Mini switch 12v Power jack 12v Power plugs (2) Cell phone car charger NiHm car charger cord and of course the bay cover. Your parts list might be different!!! Now let's not forget our tools list: Wire Solder Soldering iron Small side cutters Small needle nose pliers Exato knife Mini drills Jewelers files Epoxy Clamps Saw (I used my scroll saw and a broken blade from same saw)