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Chris's Crazy Contraptions
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Chris's Crazy Contraptions
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View of the switch mount from the top.

Switch Mount
The switch in place. If you notice, I bent the left ear 90 degrees. This made a tight enough fit that no glue of any kind would be necessary.

Cam/Charge Switch
When I hacked my first cam I found that a type B USB port fit perfectly in this corner.

USB Mount
In order to get the battery to fit inside the camera a few modifications must be done to the case. To start I cut the original battery supports from the case. As you can see I have made the first cut.

Case Mod
I also removed the ribs from the end of the battery compartment.

Case Mod
Remove the ribs on the battery cover. I used the score and bend method to remove these.

Case Mod
Here is the first strip removed.

Case Mod
The last mod is drilling a hole in the side for the chargers LED. You can also see the USB port and the charging switch in position.

Charger LED
Now I need to cover the original hole for the card buss connection. Once again ShapeLock will save the day. I start by putting plastic wrap over the top of the camera.

Port Cover
By pressing the Shape Lock into the hole on the cam I could get the rough shape I needed.

Port Cover
You should end up with a piece like this.

Port Cover
This is the finished cover. I later made a cover for the USB port in the same manner.

Port Cover
The last thing I wanted to do was add a lanyard to the cam. Since this was for a 13 year old girl I felt this was a real necessity. To me the corner looked like it was designed just for this purpose so thats where it went. Start by making two cuts in the corner.

Remove the plastic between the cuts. The lanyard will be held in place with a carbon rod form an old kite.

Ready for the Lanyard
Using a carbon rod form an old kite allowed me to connect the strap to the cam.

Finished Lanyard
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