Li-Ion CVS vid cam mod
The CVS cams are one the greatest toys for us hackers because there is so much that can be done to them. After modding my first cam for myself I decided that our granddaughter, soon to be 13, needed one of these to record her friends she met at the bases her dads military career took them to. I had a couple of requirements that I wanted to meet. Number one was that it had to be “her own personal cam”. Number two is simplicity. I wanted the cam to work with Opps .04 so she would not have access to any files that could kill the cam. Third the battery had to be rechargeable inside the cam. Although there are many post about charging batteries internally, they all seemed to pertain to Ni-HM batteries and had no overcharging protection. My goal, Li-Ion battery with internal charging circuit, preferably through the USB port. This was a very fun project and I learned a few things along the way, some of them the hard way. I fried one cam the first time I tried to make it all work. After sorting that out, buying a second cam, and starting over, my finished project came out better than I expected!