With slight modification the original battery contacts in the cam would work for the discharge end but the charging end was a different story. To solve this problem I turned to one of my favorite building materials, Shapelock. What is ShapeLock? To quote the Shapelock site: ShapeLock is an Ultra-High Molecular Weight Low Temperature Thermoplastic. What does "Ultra-High Molecular Weight Low Temperature Thermoplastic" mean in laymans English? ShapeLock is a super strong plastic similar to Nylon or Polypropylene in toughness. However, unlike the two former plastics it does not need high temperatures or high pressures to form into useful shapes. ShapeLock is easily hand-formed into shape at just 150 degrees Fahrenheit. I have used this stuff to build many things from saw handles to a cam mount for my kite. It is very strong and easy to shape. It will be perfect for the charging cap. When molding it around things you must be careful because it will stick to most anything plastic while it is hot.