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Chris's Crazy Contraptions

Chris's Crazy Contraptions
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This is the DPDT center off switch that will control my lights. I will mount this on the front bezel. This will alow me to turn on just the blue lights, just the UV lights, or no lights at all.

Light Switch
The bottom oval hole is where my switch wires will pass through the case.

Wire Hole
I had to enlarge the hole for the wires to pass through and for the bezel to close properly.

After drilling my hole and removing some plastic, I simply screwed the switch into place.

Switch In
This is the switch installed on the front bezel. This will allow me to turn on only the blue lights or only the UV lights or turn them all off.

Light Switch
This is the left side of the case. I have three CCFL's on this side. Two UV, one across the top and one on the right. Across the bottom there is a blue CCFL.

Left Side
Since I wanted to control my lights with a switch, I wanted to build a junction box for the lights. I found just the part I wanted on this old sound card.

Sound Card
The part I needed was the connector at the rear of the card.

Then I cut the large connector in half and ended up with two connectors with ten pins each.

Two Connectors
After sanding off as much copper as possible, I tinned a piece of solid core wire, and soldered it across the pins.

One wire on the top pins and one on the bottom pins. These will become + and - once the switch is plugged in to one end. Then each light will plug into the two pins.

Wiring Connector
I strarted with a scrap piece of acrylic and routed out two depressions for the pins.

The connector does not sit flat so I will have to make a mount for them. I plan on putting these on the right side of the case, next to the hard drive bay, above the radiator.

Pins on Bottom
This will allow the connectors to sit flat as well as insulate them from the case.

Sitting Flat
After I had the depressions to size, I cut the mount to size.

Cut to Size
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