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Chris's Crazy Contraptions

Chris's Crazy Contraptions
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Here is the completed light bank. One end is blue and the other is UV. The positive connection is the row in front, or next to the widest part, and negitive is the far row.

Finished Connector
The middle two connections are from the switch. The other connectors run to the lights. To add a light all I have to do is solder on a two prong plug and plug it in!

Light Wires
Next I will make a cover for this.

Ready to Cover
I started with a spare piece of plexiglass and cut it to fit.

The lip at the top of the cover slips under the top lip of the case and is held in place with a screw at the bottom.

Testing Fit
After sanding I applied a couple of coats of white paint. This will be the back ground of my label.

White Paint
I printed extra labels just in case I messed one up. I also used one to block the area where I will apply the label. To make the graphic am using clear full sheet labels. The back ground has to stay white beacause the letters and lightning are clear and will be the color of the background.

Label as Mask
Next I painted the whole thing black. After the paint dried I used a 1500 wet/dry sandpaper to make the white dots.

Black Paint
Next will come three red stripes. To make these I started with a piece of Velum. This is a paper material with a light sticky backing.

Masking Lines
Using a ruler and an Xacto knife, I cut the strips out.

Lines Cut
I retaped the label to the top to block off my white area. This will give me a nice outline and backgroud stripes.

Ready For Paint
With the masking done, all that was left, was to apply the red paint.

Red Paint
Here is the finished cover after a coat of satin clear coat.

Finished Cover
The finished cover in place. Not something that will really be seen, but it was fun to do, and I will allways know it's there! Here you can also see most of the lights on the right side. Two 8" UV's, one at the top and one, at the bottom. A 12" UV just to the right of the cover, and to the right just out of picture, there is a 12" blue CCFL tube.

Cover in Place
Here is a close up shot of the cover in place.

Up Close
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