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Chris's Crazy Contraptions

Chris's Crazy Contraptions
In addition to the soldering iron and solder we need an old USB cable and an Exato knife. I used a USB cable because of the size of the wires. They need to be small enough to feed under the motor housing of the fan.

The first step is to remove the sticker covering the wiring. Once you do this locate the negitive connection of the LED's.

Remove the Sticker
Here I have unsoldered the negitve wires. I have also temporarily soldered a bare wire to them so you can see how this will be wired. This is also a good way to test your wiring plan. Simply plug in the fan and touch the end of the wire to one of the original negitive terminals to make sure the lights work. If they do then you are ready to continue wiring.

Testing the Lights
Here I have fed the black wire under the motor housing and attached the end to the first wire. Be sure to tape all your connections as you do not bare wires touching the circuit board of the fan.

First Connection
The hardest part is stripping the wires in the middle to make the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th connection.

Connecting the Wires
Again be sure to tape up the connection to prevent shorts.

Taping Joints
Then pull the wire through the housing and move on the the 3rd connection.

Soldering the Connections
Here is the completed the wiring. The 3rd and 4th wire connects just like the 2nd wire. The green wire attaches to the original negitive connection. Once the fan is powered up, you turn on the lights by touching the black and green wires together. These are what will connect to your switch.

Finished Wiring
Here is the fan running, no lights.

Power On
Touch the green to the black and "Woopee!" we have lights! Now I will be able to turn the lights on and off without affecting the fan. Also using a speed contol on the fan will not dim the lights.

Lights On!
Finish off the mod with a new sticker to cover the printed ciruit board and new wiring.

New Sticker
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