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Chris's Crazy Contraptions | SpiderHouse | Installing_the_Card_Reader

Chris's Crazy Contraptions

Chris's Crazy Contraptions
This is the 3.5" card reader I started with. I removed the case and used the pcb.

Original Card Reader
The first step is to cut a slot at the bottom of the case.

Slot for Card Reader
The next step is to make a mount for the pcb. I just used a piece of acrilic and some stand offs.

New Mount
The reader mounted to the bottom of the case. Notice I removed the USB port. Not only did it hit my fan mount but with six on the back of the mobo and two already on the front of the case I didn't feel I needed it.

Reader In Case
Then cut the slots in front of the bezel. I used the origanal front of the card reader for a pattern.

Cutting Bezel
Test fitting the bezel.

Finished Install
Cards fit perfect!. This shows a SM and an SD card inserted to the slots.

Built In Card Reader
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