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Chris's Crazy Contraptions

Chris's Crazy Contraptions
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OK, here goes. I have been using this 5.25" external case on my laptop for my DVD drive. Once I get the "Spider House" built I will not really need it so I decided to turn it into a removable IDE drive. I have at least 3 IDE drives over 60gigs that I will continue to use for storage. I want my new computer to be all SATA so these drives wiil not be installed in my new system. With this mod I hope to continue to use them.

External Drive Case
I plan on turning this into a "drive drawer" installed in a 5.25" bay. I want to be able to easily swap out the IDE drives at will. Since this is USB this should allow me to do this whithout shutting down the computer. To make it fit I will have to reduce the height and width. Then come up with a way for it to plug in when I slide the drive into the bay.

It's Larger
The case was originally designed to hold a CD or DVD drive and not a hard drive.

Made For CD/DVD Drive
This is the business end of the case. A molex connector and a IDE ribbon cable on the inside and a USB port, LED, on/off switch and power port on the back side. I plan on the power and USB connecting when I slide in the drawer. The LED and on/off switch will be moved to the front.

Circuit Board
This is the original power converter for the case. According to the label on the back and my volt meter. it simply puts out 12 and 5 volts. Should be fairly easy to wire to a molex connector.

Power Supply
This is a close up of the power plug. There are two grounds, two 12v pins and two 5 volt pins.

Power Plug
Power supply label. Of course I will not pay any attention to the Caution!

This is my old hard drive cooler that I may intergrate into the mod.

Hard Drive Cooler
These are the sides of the case after cutting. I will deburr these and drill holes to mount them in the drive bay. The slot you see in the bottom one is the guide for the drawer.

Case Sides
This is the first side temporarly mounted in the drive bay.

Temporary Mount
Both sides temporarly mounted so I can size the drawer.

Temporarly Mounted
Here I have temporaraly mounted the sides in the drive bay and cut down the "drawer" part of the case.

Fitting The Drawer
The hard drive will sit here and slide in and out on these rails. There will not be any mounting screws but the bottom will be covered with rubber.

Sliding In
I cut down the back of the case and mounted it to the two drawer halves.

Rear Of The Drawer
Here I have cut down the back of the case, attached it to the drawer halves and slid it into the bay for a test fit..

Fitting The Drawer
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