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Chris's Crazy Contraptions

Chris's Crazy Contraptions
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The naked DVD. The red stuff on the front is doule sided tape. I was going to use this to mount the bay cover but later came up with a better idea.

DVD Recorder
The first step was to drill a couple of holes to run the wires.

Drilling Holes
This is how it will run through the DVD.

Running New Wires
Red and black go to the open/close switch and white and green go to the access LED.

Soldering Connections
I removed a power conector from an old floppy drive. I will use this to plug in the front bezel.

Floppy Drive Power Connector
This is where the power connector will mount.

Install Location
I took this board from an old amp. The switches would work perfect for opening and closing the DVD.

Recycling Switches
This is the switch removed from the pcb. It's just 3/8" long.

Normally Open Push Button
Using power wire and reset wires from an old case, I mounted the switch and LED to the front bezel.

Rear of Front Bezel
Now to stealth the front. First I trimmed off the ends of the original bay cover.

Bay Cover Mod
Then I cut down the sides.

Trimming The Cover
The better idea I spoke of earlier. I simply attatched the original front to the drive bay cover, after grinding it flat, with heavy duty double sided tape. This will later be painted to match the rest of the case.

Mounting the Cover
This will make it easy to change if I ever change the DVD.

Cover Installed
The finished stealth. The open/close switch is located just to the left of the USB ports. The access LED is just to left of the power and reset switches. I have also painted the bezel in this pic.

Modified Bezel
Don't use super glue on plastic...this is what happens!

No Super Glue
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