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Chris's Crazy Contraptions

Chris's Crazy Contraptions
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One more shot of the elevated spider.

Elevated Spider
I cut a hole in the case with my Dremel and then installed the window.

Top Window Spider
Once installed I taped everything up except for the edges of the spider. Then I painted with invisible UV paint.

Ready for UV Paint
I personally think it looks great!

Finished Top Window
Getting ready to install UV LED's in top fan.

Top Fan and LED's
I will wire these with in a series-parallel configuration.

Wiring LED's for Top Fan
LED schematic
Here is the wiring diagram. The LEDs are rated at 3..3v -3.8v 20ma. each. The resistors are 1/8 watt 220 ohm.

LED Wiriing
Testing out the first two.

Testing LED's
All four working.

Top Fan LED's
Fan running, spider glowing! This was shot in the daytime btw.

Top Spider Lit by UV LED's
Now to hide those wires and seal off the back of the LEDs. Also will do something with that center fan sticker.

Top Spider Lit by UV LED's
I removed the mesh and will place a hand cut grill over the CPU wc rad.

Rear Radiator Mount
This is the grill for the rear of the case. I cut this by hand on the scroll saw.

Rear Radiator Grill
I am going to have these words turned into an applique to complete this side.

Spider House Logo
This is the right side of the case. You can see the holes I cut for the wc rad and side window I installed. The spider and web are an applique. This will be lit with a blue CCFL.. All my window and fan holes were cut with a "Dremel" and I cut the windows with my scroll saw.

Right Side of Case
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